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Admissions 21-22


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Pre-Foundation School

Getting the right Pre-Foundation at the right stage is one of the most important factors for the success of any student in exams as well as in life. IIT Pre-Foundation courses are aimed at coaching students from Class VIII, IX or X, who aspire to sit for Engineering/Medical Entrance exams. Serious students aspiring for success in competitive examinations and a good rank in IIT understand the importance of starting early with their preparations. As the JEE becomes more competitive by the year, it is necessary to build a strong fundamental bases as early as possible.

The IITs have restricted the number of attempts for IIT-JEE. Students now only have two chances - one right after their class XII board exams and the second immediately in the following year. Also, the exam pattern has been changed in such a way, so as to favour students who are studying in school as well as preparing for the IIT-JEE. With the increase in competition and in keeping with the fact that only two chances are available, IT IS NOW CRITICAL FOR STUDENTS TO BEGIN PREPARATIONS FROM CLASS VIII. And, the one place they can get professional guidance on the same is IIT Pre-Foundation courses.iit_School Pre-Foundation

IIT Pre-Foundation courses are designed to give serious students that extra advantage in terms of more time to gain better understanding of the concepts by the time they reach Class XI. They keep school curriculum as base and further upgrade the learner’s knowledge to meet the requirements of this competitive exam. They are also devised in a manner, so as to develop orientation as well as motivate students to excel in competitive exams. A good IIT Pre-Foundation course should provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, teach them the application of these concepts, and help them hone their problem-solving skills.

The objective of this course is to ensure that students are able to delve beyond the restrictions of their regular school syllabi and get a fundamental understanding of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. IIT Pre-Foundation courses are designed to kindle the students' interest in these subjects and encourage them to ask questions that lead to a firm grip on the principles governing each subject.

INNOVA’s Pre-Foundation course also aim to gradually uplift the thinking ability of the students to a level where they can logically discover solutions to different problems on their own.

Advantages of INNOVA IIT Pre-Foundation course

  1. INNOVA IIT Pre-Foundation courses give students more time to adapt to the quantum jump in the level of difficulty when they enter class XI, as there is more time for understanding and comprehension.


  1. Early starters will obviously have more time to learn at their own pace before the actual Board & Competitive Entrance Exam.


  1. They give students more time to work on their performance and self-revision, thereby developing a temperament for tackling examinations calmly & removing any scope for last minute doubts. This is a very vital step in helping students achieve a quantum leap in their performance in such competitive examinations.


  1. INNOVA  IIT Pre-Foundation courses help students develop a logical approach towards Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, thereby enabling effective learning.


  1. INNOVA IIT Pre-Foundation courses not only help students gain better understanding of what is taught at regular school classes (and hence enable them to do well in board examinations), but also help in developing their acumen, resulting in a distinctive edge over their peers.


To summarize, irrespective of the field of study that the student may choose to take up later, it is imperative that he or she develops a sound understanding of subjects like Mathematics and Science, since they form the basis for most modern-day activities. IIT Pre-Foundation courses help students not only excel in IIT, but also in other competitive examinations such as SAT, Olympiads & KVPY by building a strong Foundation, enhancing their IQ & analytical ability, while developing their parallel thinking processes from a very early stage.

Welcome to Innova Group of Institutions

Congratulations for making the right choice of selecting the best college where your Present & Future Meet. We at Innova invite you to be a part of a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to learning, discovery, to making knowledge matter, and to developing all of its members to their utmost potential.

Experienced & Best Faculty Team

Highly qualified and experienced faculty team who are dedicated, hard working and passionate towards your success.

Hi-tech Communication & PR

Facilities like attendance and test score reporting through SMS, e-Mail and Online Student / Parent Portal. Google Apps for education enabled and WiFi Campus.

The Value System

Innova value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. Whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you what we actually are.

Performance Analysis

Daily progress monitoring, Regular tests, performance analysis & feed back for your improvement.

Students friendly

Indiscriminating teaching irrespective of your performance & efficiency exploring your full potential. Student mentoring is a form of peer help that endeavours to maximize student success.

Research & Development

Support of Educational Research & Content Development Centre tracking examination pattern so that you are trained as per the latest examination trends.

Result-oriented Teaching Methodology

Interactive classes with scientific and result oriented teaching methodology.

Relevant & Structured Study Material

Well researched, relevant study material and Test Papers are designed on the correct and latest pattern of Entrance Exams, by the experts of Innova.

Strict Discipline

An Institute that lays strong emphasis on traditional values, so that tomorrow you not only become a successful professional, but also an ethnical responsible personality.
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