All India Test Series

Dear Student,

Preparing well for IIT-JEE is one thing and transforming the knowledge & skills into success on the JEE day is another. It is better to realize about possible mistakes now and learn to avoid them rather than making them on JEE day and regret later. Test Series will teach you how not to fail and for this reason Innova Test Series become very important.

  • Is like IIT-JEE, so you get several chances to know about your performance & make up for your shortcomings.
  • Consists of Concept Strengthening & Analysis Program to be conducted after the Test for eliminating conceptual doubts and plugging the loopholes related to the papers.
  • Has new & original problems of IIT-JEE level, which is the best way to prepare for IIT-JEE.
  • Practically tests all the fundamentals.
  • Prepares you for all types of patterns & levels of difficulty, so you will be ready to face IIT-JEE in all eventualities. In fact for the last many years, Innova Admission Tests have had questions based on comprehension. The test pattern of Innova Talent Support Exam conducted on 24th September, 2006 was conceived much before the announcement of IIT-JEE, 2007 test pattern and had some striking similarities with it. IIT-JEE, 2011 had questions - Numerical based, comprehension & matrix match type which had been a part of Innova’s All India Test Series for IIT-JEE, 2011!!
  • Gives you other possible solutions to a problem, so you learn to analyze problems from different possibilities.
  • Gives you sufficient time to consolidate on your IIT-JEE preparation as it starts with Part Tests and gradually covers the entire JEE syllabus in Full Tests.
  • Gives you test analysis sheets to analyze your mistakes & improve your strike rate/scoring in the same paper, so you acquire a sound examination temperament to score upto your maximum potential.
  • Gives you several chances to appear in simulated JEE like environment to help you develop better Time Management skills. 
  • Gives you realistic & authentic All India level ranking so achieving your goal gets easy. 
  • Provides you marks on web for each test with analysis chart.