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Innova Aptitude Test

INNOAV APTITUDE TEST is the most comprehensive career and course advisory program for students in the age bracket of 14 to 21 years. The program has been designed and crafted in such a way so as to help students select their BEST-FIT subjects / courses / career on the basis of their aptitude, personality and interests.

The Program has been designed and built by expert counselors who carry with them a rich experience spanning over a decade in the field of education, applied psychology and human behavior. The counselors, having put in over 80,000 man hours and having counseled over 29,000 students, have carefully devised this program keeping in mind the Indian education set up and the Indian economic, cultural and social scenario.

The aim of the Program is to empower the student with complete knowledge about their inherent strengths, their aptitude, personality and interests, and help them get clarity about their most fitting and right career and course.

What is the Fundamental Premise of the Program?

The Program has been designed keeping in mind –

  • Each student has got certain unique talents (aptitudes and personalities); just that most of us don’t know about these talents or can’t see / identify them in ourselves.
  • A correct understanding of what is aptitude and what is personality will help one understand why they are so important in making right career decision.
  • When a person chooses their course and career on the basis of their inherent strengths, or their inherent talent, or their aptitude, personality and interests, then it will help the student to naturally be able to enjoy their studies and their work, and ultimately, do well in their course / career, and thereby lead a happy and successful life.
  • New age lifestyle diseases such as unhappiness at work, depression due to exam stress, exam failure, misery at work etc can be eliminated if students do NOT choose the WRONG course and career in the first place itself.

How does the Program work?

The Program will assess a student’s aptitude and interest over an approximately 1 hour long OMR based assessment. This career assessment will include –

Aptitude Test: approximately 40-50 minutes

This test maps the “in-born” aptitudes of the student. These aptitudes naturally help the student to learn or do certain tasks or activities.

Interaction – 15 Minutes

For example: Certain students, right from their childhood would love to break open their toys and then reassemble back. This is indicative of a certain aptitude that is in-born.

What are the benefits of the Program?

  • The Program works as a magical charm for students who are going through a phase of immense emotional, physical, and academic transition at this age. As if the worries of daily life were not enough, this additional worry of choosing the right course and career is also pressed on to the light-weight shoulders of a young child. On the one hand there is confusion because of many available lucrative careers; on the other hand, there are far too many influencers like the media, internet, and one’s friends and family. The Program is aimed at helping all students from a practical, unbiased and neutral standpoint and helping them make the RIGHT decision regarding their course and career.
  • The students get to understand the career suggestions for their unique combination of aptitudes and personality for them.
  • Parents also get to know about the inherent strengths, aptitude and personality of their child. This acts as a basis for taking academic, non-academic and career decisions.


Parents also get to be a part of the email counseling / phone counseling / in-person counseling with the career counselors and get their doubts and queries resolved for their child’s career

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